We will begin with Little Wrangler Flags --- The trail course will be at the end of the 1st rodeo and the beginning of the 2nd rodeo

Mid South Little Britches Rodeo Association will host a 2 in 1 day rodeo on June 28, 2014 at the Macon Arena --this rodeo will be for National Points only -- points for Mid-South will not be kept ---
We will ONLY be accepting On-line entries (the rodeo is available now on the  National website) -- the last day to sign up is June 25, 2014 --- you can pay at the rodeo however, you must bring a copy of your online entry form and payment MUST be made 1 hour before you compete --

Stalls and Hook-ups are NOT available at this arena
Macon Arena - 16291 Hwy 45, Macon, MS 39341

Entry Fee Information

$15 per event
$7 Cattle charge per class
$3 Goat charge
$30 Rough Stock charge
$9 contestant fee-per rodeo
$5 secretary fee - per rodeo

Rodeo Secretary - Gina Smith - 615 Campground Road, Louisville, MS 39339

If you have two or more children - please write a separate check for each child's entry - thank you

Don't forget there is a $5 charge at the gate - please do not send your gate fee with your entry form.

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