Don't Forget Raffle Tickets Are Due at the March Rodeo -- ALL Members must sell Raffle Tickets in order to be eligible for Year-End Awards -- If you have not picked up your tickets please make arrangements to get them -- IF you are not going to be at the March rodeo It is your responsibilty to make sure you have them turned in before the rodeo --

Stalls and Hook-ups at Brandon will be handled by Jerald Bierman -- please text him at 601-966-3062 - make sure you include your name and number of stalls/hook-ups you need -- the cost will be Stalls - $20/night or $30/weekend - Hook-ups $25/night or $40/weekend --

Click on the following link to open the sponsorship form - Sponsorship Form

When you enter online -- you still must mail payment to Gina Smith 615 Campground Road Louisville, MS 39339 -----this payment should be made payable to MSLBRA
National Membership should be handled by the National Office --you can do this online at their website ---

Once on the site go to the MEMBERS tab and drop down to CONTESTANTS and then click on BECOME A MEMBER ---

If you are unable to sign-up for the actual rodeo online --- you can find the paper entry on the MEMBERS tab under MANUAL RODEO FORMS -- MEMBER ENTRY BLANK --- again you MUST send an entry form in for the rodeo -- either online or paper and you still MUST send payment to Gina 

If you have any questions on siging up - please contact Gina Smith @ 662-803-0475 or Twila Troyer @ 662-242-8787 (please call between 4:30-9:00 p.m. weekday or anytime on the weekend)

Entry Fee Information 
(There has been a slight change in fees - Please check them)

$15 per event
$10 Cattle charge per class
$5 Goat charge
$35 Rough Stock charge
$9 contestant fee-per rodeo
$5 secretary fee - per rodeo

Rodeo Secretary - Gina Smith - 615 Campground Road, Louisville, MS 39339

If you have two or more children - please write a separate check for each child's entry - thank you

Don't forget there is a $5 charge at the gate - please do not send your gate fee with your entry form.

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